Shapely Body
Shaply body
It is an original program of core training center. It is a lesson aimed at making an attractive feminine body while moving the body happily according to music.

Bosu Ballast Ball
Boss ballast ball
It is functional training using BOSU ballast ball. It is training to improve dynamic balance and flexibility.

Bosu 3D syste
Boss 3D system
It is training using only a few BOSU 3D systems in Japan. It is a hands-on cutting-edge training that integrates cardiopulmonary ability, muscular strength, and flexibility training and core training as well as balance training.

Mat Pilates
It is a Pilates lesson that uses the best mat to effectively train core muscle and create a balanced body.

Pelvis Stretch
Pelvic stretch
Position the correct posture by pelvis adjustment, reset the position of the pelvis. It is training to show effectiveness in improving female-specific physical disorders.

Bosu BalanceTrainer
Boss balance trainer
It is a lesson using BOSU balance trainer. It is effective mainly for core balance training.

Personal Session
Individual Lesson
Loosen muscles based on counseling and give detailed training on muscle balance and body condition. It is tailor – made lesson customized finely according to each person.

Personal Session
Pair Lesson
It is a pair lesson which the instructor and the customer two people do. Compared to group lessons more detailed guidance is received, and prices are also easier than individual lessons. Feel free to join with your friends and family.

Outside Session
Business trip lesson
The instructor will inquire on the date and time · business trip destination in advance and the lesson will be inquired.
Please use it if you would like to have lessons for mothers who have small children or group / circles.

Lecture& Workshop
We receive lectures and seminars for various organizations from corporations to individual circles.
The contents are centered on pelvic adjustment, body trunk training, sole training, distortion improvement, etc. However, please contact us as we can consult about details.
*Lesson schedule is renewed every 3 months, so please check it since it is up in the news.