Overseas Business

Overseas Business

hapely Body by KOZUE Method assumes overseas business development.
We are planning to expand our “KOZUE Method” overseas.


Based on the experiences and achievements that have experienced the world’s fitness circumstances in the world in the United States and Asian countries for many years, we will develop the original “Shapely Body by KOZUE Method” with refinement added only to Japanese people.
In the lesson, we do not just aim at weight loss and exercise but aim to “healthy and beautiful body creation”, and continue to face many people every single day.

For a decade or more, we always try to catch up on latest methods and equipments about fitness, pilates, yoga in USA and other Asian countries.
And more based on our real experience, we’ve made our original method named “Shapely Body by Kozue Method”.
The lessons go beyond a mere weight-loss or exercise attempt but aim to achieve a beautiful body that goes hand in hand with the comprehensive improvement of health condition.

About the project in India